Internet of Things

AM Systems Integration has aligned as a channel partner with Sigfox, the world’s leading “Internet of Things” (IoT) connectivity service :

In an age of technological advances, AM Systems Integration (AMSI) have aligned as a channel partner with global LPWA (low power wide area) network, Sigfox.

Sigfox have reinvented connectivity for the IoT (Internet of Things).   It’s a unique connectivity solution that provides the lowest energy-consumption, device-to-cloud.  By simplifying communications, we enable unbeatable low energy consumption. Soon, there’ll be no need for replacing or re-charging batteries since the devices will generate energy themselves.

With its simple approach to connectivity, Sigfox provides extremely price-competitive connectivity subscriptions and even more importantly, enables extremely simple and cost-efficient silicon modules.

Sigfox is compatible with Bluetooth, GPS 2G/3G/4G and Wifi. By combining other connectivity solutions.   Sigfox offers a software based communications solution, where all the network and computing complexity is managed in the Cloud, rather than on the devices.  All that together, it drastically reduces energy consumption and costs of connected devices.

What does all this mean to AMSI customers ?  AMSI customers are able to “switch on” to new wireless technology and get their businesses started with an inexpensive, reliable and low power solution for connecting sensors and devices.   Sigfox links customers to a partner network – connecting the dots to make IoT happen.   Internet of Things links smart industry, smart agriculture, smart automotive, smart retail, smart home and lifestyle and utilities, integrating a mass asset management network.